Cold Sweat On Baby, Beware Of Causes Behind It

Cold sweat, including cold sweat on the baby, is not the same as night sweats during sleep. Cold sweat can appear both at night and during the day. Cold sweat in infants can occur because of brain function has not been developed perfectly or it could be due to certain conditions.

Cold sweat in infants can appear especially in some parts of the body such as the soles of the feet, palms, and armpits. Although it seems trivial, but this condition turned out to be a sign of a more serious disease.

Possible Cause of Cold Sweat on Infants

It is important for parents to know the various causes of cold sweat in the baby, as well as signs and symptoms that can accompany it. Below are the various causes of cold sweat in the baby to watch out for.

In a state of shock, blood pressure drops so low that the organs do not receive enough oxygen or blood to function. If not treated immediately, shock can damage organs and life-threatening.

Sepsis is a serious condition that occurs due to a severe bacterial or viral infection in the blood. Such severe infections cause damage to the organs of the body that can cause blood to come out of the blood vessels or vice versa, clot, so it can endanger lives. In addition to cold sweat in infants, this infection can be accompanied by other symptoms such as seizures, fever, difficulty breathing, and pale.

This condition occurs when the blood sugar that serves as the baby’s primary energy decreases. Hypoglycemia can be caused by premature birth, there are severe infections at birth, small infants, or babies born to mothers with diabetes.

Lack of oxygen
This condition is called hypoxia, where there is a lack of oxygen in the body tissues due to certain causes such as shortness of breath. Cold sweat is caused by the body’s response to the oxygen-deficient brain.
Congenital Heart Disease
Cardiac abnormalities or congenital heart defects can cause low intake of blood and oxygen to the body tissues. One sign is that babies sweat a lot when being fed.

Baby Room Temperature
Bedong or blankets that are too restrained baby can make the Little Overheating, this is a risk factor for sudden infant death. Adjusting room temperature to keep cool and wearing comfortable and non-sultry sleeping clothes can help the baby not to sweat too much at night. In addition, make sure the baby gets enough fluids to prevent dehydration.

If excessive sweating is worrisome, consult a pediatrician to discover possible abnormalities such as heart disease, nervous system disorders, genetic disorders, respiratory disorders, to overactive thyroid gland.

Some babies are more likely to sweat naturally, but you need to be careful if the cold sweat in the baby accompanied by other symptoms such as discoloration of the lips or nails, shortness of breath, dry lips, limp, do not want to drink, or stools mixed with blood. If there are other symptoms that accompany cold sweat in the baby, check with your doctor immediately to get treatment continues.

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