Risk of hair coloring during pregnancy 

Want to color your hair so that your appearance during pregnancy more charming? Luckily, various studies show that doing so is not dangerous despite many things to watch out for.

Most experts recommend that pregnant women wait until the right time. The time is considered safe is after pregnant women stepped on the second trimester of pregnancy.

Research shows that chemicals contained in excessive hair dyes may be harmful. Luckily, chemicals used when dyeing hair contain small doses. This is what causes the use of hair dye is considered not harm the mother and fetus. Regarding doses of permanent or semi-permanent dye, both are the same.

Some Things That Must Be Observed
One of the conditions that must be considered when dyeing hair is the direct contact between the scalp with chemicals from hair dye. This should be avoided if you want to color hair during pregnancy to minimize potential bad that may arise.

If contact occurs, chemicals in hair dye may enter through the scalp and will be passed on to the fetus. The fewer chemicals absorbed by the scalp, the safer you and your fetus will be. To increase certainty in terms of safety, avoid hair coloring when the scalp is irritated.

The alternative that can be done to minimize direct contact between chemicals and scalp is to highlight hair. Dyes applied to the hair will only be absorbed by the hair, not your scalp.

Think also about exposure to chemicals you might receive especially if you do hair dyeing independently. We recommend using gloves to minimize chemical contact with the skin of the hand. Choose a place with a good ventilation structure while doing the coloring so that exposure to chemicals that affect the body can be reduced.

Do not forget to check the dye labels and note the chemicals contained in them. Do not be easily fooled with frills made from herbaceous plants or other ‘natural’ ingredients listed on the packaging. Because although it contains natural hair dyes, manufacturers may slip the same synthetic chemical compounds as they would be avoided.

One of the natural hair dyes that come from plants and safe to use is henna or girlfriend. These dyes are semipermanent and have been used as dyes since time immemorial. Unfortunately, its relatively unkempt and old usage is often a constraint. In addition, the resulting color can not be selected as a factory-made hair dye.

If there is a type of henna capable of producing other colors and a fast time of use, it should be suspected that the product has been mixed with synthetic chemicals. In addition, such henna could have been mixed with metal compounds as well. The second blend contains a bad risk to your health and the fetus.

To be sure, always follow the instructions used in the packaging. One that is often overlooked is to linger with the process of hair coloring. Do not forget, wash your head thoroughly after coloring hair.

So, do you plan to keep your hair colored even if you’re pregnant? If still in doubt, it is advisable to consult your obstetrician or you can delay the activity until your baby is born.

Secrets To Look Fascinating While In Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body undergoes several physical changes such as swollen body weight or skin that may be problematic. This may make you lose confidence that ultimately impact on appearance. But you still can still, still look dazzling even though being in two bodies.

Most women may be stressed if they see the needle of the scales that keep moving to the right. But unfortunately, it can not be avoided during pregnancy. Similarly with skin problems. Hormonal changes during pregnancy may lead to acne, itchy skin, skin tone changes, or stretch marks on the skin.

Even so, do not merely scapegoat pregnancy so you consider yourself unattractive. Change the mindset and try the tips below so you can have a pregnancy with a radiant beauty.

Exercising. Pregnancy should not be an excuse for laziness. Let’s move your body to make you more energetic. Exercise can also make sleep more soundly and reduce stress. This condition can make your face look fresh and beautiful.

You are advised to exercise at least two and a half hours each week. Exercise can be lived by pregnant women such as walking, swimming, yoga, pilates, or pregnancy exercise.

Take advantage of the natural beauty of pregnant women. The effects of pregnancy on physical appearance are not always bad. Often pregnant women look more radiant when the two, because there is an increase in blood flow that gives the effect of glow on the skin. Brighter skin color changes may also occur to you.

Not only skin, hair also get positive effects from pregnancy. Hormones that come out during pregnancy may make your hair thicker, luminous, and healthier. If you already have bushy hair before pregnancy and are worried it will be difficult to arrange, you may be able to trim it with the appropriate piece of face shape.

Wear makeup. You are not prohibited to beautify the face while pregnant, you can actually be creative by wearing lipstick color or eye shadow is different from before. But with the note, the makeup does not contain harmful substances to the fetus such as mercury, retinoids, and salicylic acid.

Pamper yourself at the spa. Occasionally, take time to me time at the spa to relax your body and mind. But, choose a safe spa for pregnant women. Consult a doctor before doing a massage on the body, especially your abdomen or if you intend to do a treatment that can raise body temperature like a sauna.

Stay stylish. While pregnant you can still look fashionable but still can freely move by wearing the right clothes. Instead of wearing a dressing, better choose baby doll with a funny design. Choose a baby doll that does not exceed the length of the knee so you do not look short. It is advisable to choose a baby doll with a V-collar model to give a longer body line effect.

Contek fashion pregnant women in the magazines can also do. However, do not spend excessive budget just for the fashion business.

Beautify yourself from the inside. Beautify yourself not only from the outside, the inside must also be your attention. Eating enough water can keep your skin moist so the skin does not look dry and dull. Healthy foods for pregnant women are also mandatory for your consumption such as whole grain cereals, red beans, eggs, vegetables, and milk.

Enough sleep. Growing age of pregnancy, usually pregnant women will experience insomnia. However, you should try to sleep enough considering the many health and beauty benefits you can get from sleep. Some things you can do to overcome insomnia during pregnancy is sleeping on your side with knees bent, use extra pillows to support the body, or exercise before bed.

Always think positively. Basically whatever your physical form, beauty and confidence will radiate by itself when you have a positive mind. So, always plant positive sentences, such as pregnancy is a happy thing, because there is your beloved baby in the womb or I am a hot mama.

So do not assume that pregnancy makes you look unattractive.